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Christine (Chrissie), BA, CRPS (she/her/hers) obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Penn State University and is currently in the second year of Eastern University’s Clinical Counseling Graduate Program. She is Certified in Relapse Prevention Therapy and in the Family Nurturing Program. Christine has worked in the addiction treatment field for the past decade in both inpatient residential treatment and Intensive Outpatient Programming, while currently also working as a Drug and Alcohol Counselor. Christine’s work has provided her with experience in trauma and mental health. She believes in the positive benefits of the therapeutic relationship and is mindful to create a safe, nurturing space for that relationship to grow. Clients and Colleagues have described her as “open-minded, empathetic, and passionate.”

Our society tells us to not feel, to keep moving. Sometimes we need to stop to process the many emotions that come with life. My job is to provide that space, to encourage time to sort through and unpack our experiences and how they have affected us. I understand how difficult it can be to reach out for help during these times. Meeting clients where they are and accompanying them on their therapeutic journey is a privilege. My belief in the human capacity and nature to heal is a quality I bring to every session.

Chrissie‘s typical fee is $85 for individual therapy (50 min); she can work on a flexible sliding scale if needed.