“Thank you for providing space and empowering the group to find our own answers.” -Role Theory: Redefining the Self in Action (July 2019)

“Many spiritual and clinical takeaways” -Spirituality in Addiction and Trauma Treatment (July 2019)

“Scott is always so informative and a great and effective trainer. I loved learning and practicing the vignettes.” -Working Experientially with Defenses in Addiction & Trauma Treatment (June 2019)

“Truly excellent. Surpassed my expectations.” -Experiential Therapy Supervised Practice (June 2019)

“Scott is a phenomenal facilitator – incredibly dynamic and interactive.” -Introduction to the Relational Trauma Repair Model (February 2019)

“Excellent training, sensitive, informative, and useful in practice. Scott’s calm way aided the process.” -Sociometry of Connection & Psychodrama of Loss (February 2019)

“Trainer was extremely knowledgeable and approachable. He had valuable insight and created a great environment.” -Introduction to Sociatry: Moreno’s Mysticism (June 2018)

“Trainer is an excellent teacher. Gained insight that is relevant to my life.” -Introduction to Sociatry: Moreno’s Mysticism (June 2018)

“Scott creates a safe atmosphere for learning.” -Introduction to the Relational Trauma Repair Model (May 2018)

“Scott blends teaching and therapeutic practice perfectly.” -Introduction to the Relational Trauma Repair Model (May 2018)

“Very informative and impactful – instruction is excellent and encouraging.” -Psychodrama in Individual Sessions (November 2018)

“The training was very informative. I learned a lot and I loved every minute of it.” -Introduction to Sociometry, Psychodrama, and the Therapeutic Spiral Model (September 2018)