Need CEU’s for Your Event?

We can help! The Phoenix Center for Experiential Trauma Therapy has been pre-approved as a provider of professional continuing education (CEUs) in Pennsylvania for psychologists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, professional counselors, and educators (ACT 48). We are available to provide these types of credits for your trainings or workshops. Access our application below (works best on google chrome).

Why should your practice or organization provide Continuing Education Units or CEU’s?

Providing CEUs for your events will increase the attractiveness of the event for potential attendees, increase the credibility/professionalism of your event, and enhance the value your workshop offers to attendees.

Professionals are required to obtain CEU’s to keep their licensure and certifications active. Due to our evolving society, theories, and practices, professionals must keep up with day-to-day innovating education in order to serve clients. Your practice or organization can provide your expertise to professionals in the field and contribute to their professional competence.  

For more information and inquiries about CEU events please carefully read the information below and complete our application for CEUs.

Contact us at or 484-440-9416

Our goal is to support working professionals to increase their professional competence, knowledge, skills, build strengths and contribute to their profession providing quality services to clients

  • Hire a Phoenix Trauma Center trainer for your next CEU event: Our Phoenix Center trained professionals can offer experiential, trauma-focused training on various topics such as trauma, addictions, grief and loss, experiential therapy, group work, etc.
  • Count on us to provide CEU credits while your preferred in-house or outside trainer educates participants: Private practices, organizations, schools, etc can hire our center to be the provider for your planned CEU event. In order to provide CEU’s, you must first submit an application at least one month before your planned event, share detailed learning objectives and event information. Once your application has been received and evaluated for approval, you will receive a follow up from our team.  You must be approved before you can begin to market your program as a CEU event.

Please read our agreements and understandings for hosting CEU events before you fill out our form.

How do our CEU services work?

  • If you are interested in hosting a CEU event with the Phoenix Center you will need to begin by filling out our application. This does not guarantee the provision of CEU’s for your workshop. Our staff will review your workshop information before approval before you can market the workshop as providing CEUs.
  • If approved, the approval is only valid for the workshop details submitted, if you offer this workshop, or any other, in the future, you will need to complete this application again for CEU approval.
  • You understand that if approved, all marketing and promotional postings related to the workshop (including printed flyers, digital announcements, email blasts, social media postings, etc.) must clearly state the workshop title, presenter, date/time, location, price, total number of CE Hours, learning objectives, workshop description, and a CEU statement which will be provided to you upon approval.
  • You understand that at the completion of the workshop, You are expected to provide participants with the workshop evaluation form (or digital link) which will be provided to participants by Phoenix Center staff upon approval of your workshop.
  • You understand that after completion of the workshop, an invoice will be sent charging you $25 per CEU certificate (unless a different rate was agreed upon). You agree to this fee for the provision of CEUs for my event and will send payment to the “Phoenix Trauma Center” within 45 days of receiving the invoice.