We are thrilled to announce the forthcoming (early 2021) book publication by Dr. Scott Giacomucci titled “Social Work, Sociometry, & Psychodrama: Experiential Approaches for Group Therapists, Community Leaders, & Social Workers”.

This is the first book to comprehensively outline the intersections between the fields of social work, sociometry, and psychodrama. Sections include history, philosophy, theory, teaching/supervision, and practice with individuals, groups, and communities. Special chapters are dedicated to trauma, neurobiology, research, and the strength-based approach. See table of contents here!

Full textbook preprints (all 425+ pages) available here – feel free to share with others!

To my professional friends who want to learn more, consider joining us for our upcoming CEU events that will focus on teaching content from the book.

Visit the publishers’ webpage for up-to-date info on the book!

I intentionally wrote the book in a way that would be attractive for a large audience including psychodramatists, scholars/researchers, practitioners, activists, educators, supervisors, and creative arts therapists. The chapters on practice include many examples of how to use experiential processes in a trauma-informed way within diverse group settings.

As an academic book, it will be available for free online for university students, professors, and researchers (through your university subscriptions). Otherwise, it will be available for ebook or hardback purchase through the publisher (Springer Nature) and on Amazon.

This book is also the first book of a new book series titled “Psychodrama in Counselling, Coaching, & Education” by Springer Nature which is the first international psychodrama book series.

Stay posted for book updates to come soon!
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Intersections of Social Work & Moreno’s Methods.
Reproduced with permissions from Giacomucci, in-press.