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Alex Orgera (she/her/hers) is a graduate student at Lesley University pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a specialization in Expressive Arts Therapy. She received her Bachelor of Arts from Carnegie Mellon University and has worked as an artist, administrator, and adult community arts educator for the past ten years.

Her journey to become an expressive arts therapist was inspired by both her personal history of self-healing through creative expression and the opportunity she has had to witness her students’ growth and empowerment through the creative process. She is passionate about creating spaces, both in therapy and in communities, that can hold all parts of us, including the vulnerable and painful ones, and allow them to connect rather than isolate us.

“As a therapist, I seek to provide gentle guidance and keep you company as you re-connect to your body’s innate healing wisdom. I also seek to support you as you locate yourself within the broader context of your relationships with family and friends, community, and society, providing space for identity exploration as part of the healing process. 

As an intermodal expressive arts therapist, I can guide you in working with elements of image making, creative writing, sound, movement, and role enactment to access and express feelings or experiences that are not easily described in words, offering you space to hold your most powerful emotions as you discover new sources of strength. 

I view therapy as a co-creative process, and I am excited to work together to explore what approaches best support your needs.”

Alex has prior experience working with children and their adult caregivers through the process of bereavement, as well as supporting adults of all ages as they undergo cancer treatment. She has also completed Level 1 training in Focusing-Oriented Art Therapy (FOAT) and will be pursuing EMDR training during her time at the Phoenix Center.

Alex’s typical fee is $85 for individual therapy (53 min); she can work on a flexible sliding scale if needed.