In the realm of therapeutic healing, embracing a diverse range of approaches often leads to profound transformation. A compelling fusion gaining momentum is the integration of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy alongside ongoing individual therapy. EMDR is a unique and specialized therapy for treating PTSD and reprocessing disturbing memories. At the Phoenix Center for Experiential Trauma Therapy, we not only offer EMDR, but we specialize in it and nearly every therapist and intern on our team is trained in EMDR. It is the most commonly employed therapeutic modality at our center.

Offering EMDR at the Phoenix Center in Media, PA or via TeleTherapy!
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Let’s dive into the benefits of incorporating EMDR therapy as an adjunct to your current therapeutic journey, fostering a dynamic collaboration for deep healing and focused EMDR work.

  1. Gaining Additional Perspective and a Specialized Approach: Ongoing individual therapy provides a nurturing environment for self-discovery and personal growth. The infusion of EMDR therapy from the Phoenix Center introduces an additional and specialized perspective. With a specialized EMDR therapist, you’re granted the privilege of a fresh outlook on your challenges. This distinct approach illuminates your healing from a new angle, offering novel strategies that enrich your therapeutic experience.
  2. Streamlined and Focused EMDR Experience: EMDR therapy, renowned for its precise focus on trauma and emotional distress, becomes even more impactful when seamlessly integrated as an adjunct to ongoing individual therapy. Enlisting a dedicated EMDR specialist from the Phoenix Center ensures that your sessions are highly focused on the reprocessing of traumatic memories. This streamlined process expedites the journey to healing, appealing to those seeking rapid relief from distressing symptoms. Often when the EMDR therapist is one’s only professional support, week-to-week stressors or other therapeutic issues slow down progress and draw the focus of therapy away from EMDR.
  3. Embracing EMDR Benefits While Sustaining Ongoing Work: Integrating EMDR therapy as an adjunct doesn’t have to replace your ongoing individual therapy; it can enhance it. Partnering with an EMDR specialist from the Phoenix Center allows you to reap the rewards of both therapists concurrently. This arrangement empowers you to experience the potent effects of EMDR without disrupting your ongoing therapeutic relationship, ensuring a seamless transition back to your primary therapist. By adopting EMDR therapy as an adjunct, you open the door to transformation without bidding farewell to your current therapist. The continuity of your ongoing sessions remains intact, while you harness the power of EMDR techniques to target specific traumatic memories and emotions.
  4. Collaborative Support for Enhanced Healing: Integrating EMDR therapy as an adjunct encourages a unique collaborative dynamic between therapists. The Phoenix Center’s EMDR specialist and your primary therapist combine their expertise to provide comprehensive and tailored support. This collaborative synergy facilitates the exchange of insights, strategies, and observations, fostering a holistic treatment plan that nurtures your well-being.

The fusion of EMDR therapy as an adjunct to ongoing individual therapy, offered by the Phoenix Center for Experiential Trauma Therapy, is a potent recipe for transformation. By embracing diverse therapeutic modalities, you can cultivate fresh perspectives, encounter the focused efficacy of EMDR, maintain the momentum of ongoing therapy, and access collaborative support from a team of experts. Embark on your journey of healing and growth with the multidimensional approach that EMDR therapy as an adjunct offers, propelling you towards lasting emotional well-being.

We recognize too that engaging in therapy with two different therapists may be cost prohibitive and expensive to many. We are happy to share that we also offer low-cost EMDR therapy at the Phoenix Center through our low-cost trauma therapy program, staffed by our advanced graduate students.

Offering EMDR at the Phoenix Center in Media, PA or via TeleTherapy!
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Who is appropriate for EMDR therapy?

It is important to note that not everyone is the best fit for engaging in EMDR therapy. The best candidates for EMDR are individuals who have already established a social support system, developed self-awareness, are able to regulate their emotions when overwhelmed, have already learned coping skills, and who are otherwise relatively stable in terms of suicidality, alcohol/substance abuse, other addictive behaviors, self-harm, and overall mental health. We also offer EMDR intensives, which may be best for clients who seek a more immersive treatment experience and can afford the time and financial cost of scheduling multiple hours or days of consecutive sessions.