Phoenix Center – An Outpatient Psychotherapy Center

We provide an outpatient level of care to our clients through our specialized trauma therapy. We are a non-residential center, a hospital, or an inpatient program.

There are different levels of care that provide higher levels of supervision and medical support which can be found in residential or inpatient hospitalization, partial hospitalization programs (PHP), or intensive outpatient programs (IOP). Depending on your current needs and stability, you may need or benefit from a higher level of care than what we provide. Our clinicians can assess the appropriate level of care for you through an initial session.

Learn more about other types of treatment levels of care and which one may be appropriate for you at the moment. ( and What are the ASAM Levels of Care? – ASAM Continuum | ASAM Criteria Decision Engine

How much do services cost?

Sessions range from 50-90 minutes given the specific treatment services and treatment goals. Cost can range anywhere from $100-$200 per 50-minute session. Our fees for a 50-minute or 90-minute session are specific to the clinician you are working with based on their level of licensure, education, and certification. Our therapists also have a number of sliding scale client sessions available. Fee prices will be discussed during your free 10-15 minute phone consultation.

Low-Cost Therapy with our Clinical Interns

The Phoenix Trauma Center’s mission is to provide quality services to our clients and high-quality education for professionals. We are invested in training the best experiential trauma therapists in the field. Our internship program allows us to fulfill both parts of our mission while also providing financially accessible services

We offer a reduced rate through our internship program. 50-minute therapy sessions start at $85 with a very flexible sliding scale if needed. Our graduate interns can work with you at any rate that you can afford.

Payment Accepted:

Cash, check, credit card or debit card.

We have a very secure online medical record system which can safely and securely keep your credit card info on file so that it can be conveniently charged after your sessions. The system we use is called SimplePractice, which uses encryption and security equivalent or better than most banks and financial institutions. They have received HITRUST Certification for their security protocols which is the industry gold-standard.

Do you accept insurance?

All of our clients pay out-of-pocket for services.  

We are not in-network with any insurance companies.

Reach out to your insurance company to inquire if out-of-network psychotherapy services are reimbursed by your current plan and how much. Everything depends on your insurance plan and provider. Our licensed therapists (not interns) are able to provide you with the documentation necessary for you to request reimbursement from your insurance company should your benefits plan permit.

What type of services do you offer?

Individual therapy

Group therapy

Community Support Groups

Experiential therapy modalities such as EMDR, IFS, Psychodrama

Trauma, Grief/Loss, Addiction and recovery support

Low fee counseling through our internship program

Clinical supervision and professional developing trainings and Continuing Education Credits

Can you prescribe me medicine?

No. There is a difference between a therapist and psychiatrist. A psychiatrist is able to prescribe medicine. Our team are all therapists, not psychiatrists and therefore cannot prescribe any type of medicine. We are happy to provide some referrals in your area if needed.

Where are you located?

The Phoenix Center is located at 524 N. Providence Road, Media, PA 19063. The office is directly across from Media Dental. If you are coming from Baltimore Pike, you will eventually turn left onto E 6th Street and make a left at the stop sign onto N. Edgemont Street; the Phoenix Center sign is located on the left, and you can park in the side lot. If you are coming from State Road, you will eventually veer right onto N. Edgemont Street, and our office will be immediately on the left after the stop sign.

Parking is free. Best to follow the sign in the garden pointing down the short driveway to our side parking lot where you will find our suite entrance.

I’m ready to talk to someone at the Phoenix Center, how can I start?

If you are ready to connect with a licensed trauma therapist or clinical intern reach out to us at 484-440-9416 or email us at We will return your call or email as soon as possible. Most calls as returned within a few hours and at the latest within 2 business days.

Our intake coordinator will provide you with information about our practice, listen to your concerns and preferences, assess for level of care, provide information about available therapists and clinical interns, take your contact information, and connect you with someone on our team. If our services are full or do not meet the level of care you seek, our intake coordinator will provide you with referrals in other practices.

Once you and our intake coordinator discern which of our therapists might be the best fit for you, we will have that therapist or intern reach out to you to introduce themselves, learn more about you and your therapy goals, discuss fees, and schedule your first session.

Can you work with clients that live in New Jersey, Delaware or other states other than Pennsylvania?

Our therapists are licensed in Pennsylvania and are bound by state licensing rules. They are able to work with clients who are in Pennsylvania at the time of telehealth services. A few of our therapists do have licensure in other states, and can work on telehealth with folks in Delaware or New Jersey.

How are services being offered as a result of COVID-19?

We have provided quality therapy services via teletherapy throughout the pandemic. We will continue to provide online and in-person sessions following CDC guidelines.

Virtual Teletherapy:

We are able to provide teletherapy services using simplepractice or zoom HIPAA-compliant video platforms. We recommend finding a safe and quiet space for sessions with good quality wifi as much as possible. Your confidentiality and safety is our main priority.

In-person Therapy:

Some of our therapists and clinical interns are returning to in-person sessions depending on their comfort and client comfort levels. At the moment, in-person sessions are taking place at our office in Media, PA. All clients, therapists, and interns are required to wear their masks throughout the services. Your therapist will go over all the COVID-19 guidance and policies previous to your first session

Learn about our Fee Structure Cost and Financial Accessibility.

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