Jordan Talasnik (he/him/his) is a graduate student enrolled in Bryn Mawr College’s Master of Social Science program.  Following ten years working as a finance professional, Jordan brings a unique and diverse set of experiences, knowledge, and passion to a career as a therapist, seeking to provide comprehensive care and support to those struggling with deeply rooted trauma and other issues.

After his own trauma healing experience with trauma therapy, bodywork, and bioenergetic therapy, Jordan dedicated his life to helping others begin their own healing experience, forging a path towards inner peace and connecting with their authentic selves.  Jordan uses compassion and empathy, as well as a healthy dose of humor, to create a safe space for clients to connect, explore, and navigate through trauma, loss, anxiety, depression, and life transitions.

Jordan’s approaches include traditional talk therapy, inner child work, and somatic connection, among others, to help clients move toward post-traumatic growth.  He is pursuing certification and training in EMDR.

In his free time, Jordan enjoys an active lifestyle playing tennis, golf, basketball, and boxing, as well as performing improv comedy, playing guitar and piano, and cooking.

Jordan’s typical fee is $85 for individual therapy (53 min); He can work on a flexible sliding scale if needed.