Accepting New Clients!

Meb Carroll, BA, MA (she, her, hers) has been a high school English teacher for 31 years, and she is currently in her second year in Neumann’s Pastoral Clinical Mental Health graduate program. Her experience as a teacher has allowed her to help teens and families cope with a wide range of challenges, and that work has led her to pursue counseling as a second career. Meb understands how hard it is to confront the profoundly difficult moments in life, and she is a big believer in the power of empathetic listening.

Meb’s clinical journey has included several age groups and experiences. As she continues to develop her skills, she is interested in helping a diverse group of clients including LGBTQQIAP+ and clients of all cultural backgrounds. While working at the Phoenix Center, Meb will strengthen her skills in psychodrama, EMDR, trauma therapy, and spiritual/pastoral counseling.

“People grow from difficulty and from challenges, and I know that they need to feel safe in order to grow. It’s my job to help you feel safe as you find the avenues and skills to grow. I am constantly humbled by my clients’ trust and by their strength as they seek to heal. Counseling, for me, is a chance to help people remember how strong they truly are.”

Meb’s typical fee is $85 for individual therapy (50 min); she can work on a flexible sliding scale if needed.