Growth and Healing After Trauma:

An Experiential Psychodrama Workshop for Personal Growth and Trauma Recovery

Future Personal Growth Workshops to be Announced!

This all-day workshop will offer a transformative experience for participants in their recovery process of healing and growing from trauma. Using experiential methods from psychodrama and group work, we will explore our strengths, relationships, beliefs, and goals for healing.

This action-packed group experience will emphasize the importance of safety, peer-support, resilience, and growth after trauma. The all-day workshop format allows us to enrich and deepen the healing process while processing difficult emotions and gaining new insights about ourselves. Instead of just talking about healing, we will explore trauma recovery in action using psychodrama, role-playing, and other engaging exercises.

Due to the immersive nature of this workshop, we require that all participants be in ongoing therapy and provide us with permission to consult with your therapist prior to participation. Note that this is not psychotherapy, instead it is a personal growth workshop – as such, it will focus on building strengths to face trauma, education, peer support, and growth after trauma but will not include directly reprocessing traumatic memories.