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Rachel Saccarelli, Doctoral Candidate, MEd, MSW, LSW, CCTP, CSTS, EH.M, LE, LMT (she/her/hers), is an experiential trauma therapist whograduated at the top of her class at Widener University, earning two master’s degrees: a masters of social work with a specialization in trauma and a masters in education in human sexuality. Rachel believes trust and transparency are foundational, especially in a therapeutic relationship. Working with Rachel emphasizes this trauma-informed principle and allows the space for clients to work through their trauma in an individually-tailored way that honors their experience and their innate ability to thrive amid adversity.  

To assist clients in accomplishing this, Rachel utilizes several theories to inform her practice, including attachment, polyvagal, adaptive information processing, gestalt, and psychodynamic approaches. Rachel also emphasizes the mind-body connection to access those points in one’s nervous system that need attention. She also believes firmly in the dignity and worth of every person, which heavily relies on deep empathy, integrity, nonjudgement, and trusting the client as the expert on themselves. No matter what someone has done to you or you have done to someone else, it will not change Rachel’s regard for you and your worth.  

Before her education and experience as a therapist, Rachel had extensive experience in pastoral counseling and community mental health. In pastoral counseling, Rachel worked with various issues, like trauma, grief, depression, anxiety, family and couples dynamics, and sexual functionality. In her experience in community mental health, Rachel worked exclusively with folks with severe and persistent mental illness (SPMI), which gave her a wide variety of professional experience with various presentations and diagnoses.  

Currently, Rachel works primarily with couples, individuals, and families. She specializes in dissociation and dissociative disorders, complex trauma, big “T” and little “t” traumas, especially medical, sexual, and religious traumas, attachment & developmental trauma, shame, grief, spirituality, and sexuality, including working with folks who have committed acts of sexual violence. Rachel utilizes Emotion-Focused Therapy, Somatic Experiencing Therapy, Sex Therapy & Education, and EMDR to work with individuals, couples, and families. Rachel is also pursuing her doctorate and completing certifications in all her actively utilized modalities. 

“Trust and transparency are foundational aspects of all relationships. I hope we can foster a transparent, trusting relationship between us as a foundation for full system restoration that will allow you to heal and grow. I am honored to walk with you every step of the way in your journey.” 

“There is no change without the dream, as there is no dream without hope.” – Paulo Freire

Rachel’s typical fee is $165 for individual therapy (53 min); she can work on a flexible sliding scale if needed. Although she only works on a self-pay basis, she is able to provide documentation for clients to submit for out-of-network reimbursement from their insurance provider.