“The EDMR treatment with Scott truly was life changing. I bounced back from the lowest point in my life very quickly after just a few sessions. Even though our timing was cut short because I had to move back to school; I saw a huge change in the sessions we had. I highly recommend EDMR with Scott. He is a very kind hearted and intelligent person. I’m so thankful he was able to help me through such a traumatic experience. ”

“Scott was recommended to me at a moment of great personal stress. To say his treatment of me with EMDR therapy had life changing benefit is no overstatement. In quick order, I received palpable Emotional relief. Scott’s treatment with EMDR in reducing stress induced, deep-seated trauma was nothing short of amazing. I’ve had at least 5 therapists in my life, nothing was as effective, nor affirming as the sessions we’ve had. Right proper medicine when it was needed most.”

“These services changed my whole idea and fear of therapy addressing trauma. Scott is excellent, his explanation of his therapeutic approach has changed my life. He was kind, compassionate, patient, understanding and he created & facilitated a safe and comfortable environment. Exceptional!!”

“E.M.D.R. therapy has significantly improved the quality of my life. Occupation-related PTSD led to frequent and severe panic attacks, general anxiety, depression, and sleep and memory problems. I was literally imprisoned by my trauma. Scott used careful preparation in my treatment to target my trauma so it would have the most impact. My life today is dramatically better in all aspects, and effective EMDR therapy is a big reason for that. It is not a magic solution or a miracle cure. But under the supervision of a skilled, compassionate therapist, such as Scott, who gained my trust immediately, EMDR can enable trauma sufferers to take back control of their lives. I would highly recommend that anyone suffering from the effects of PTSD to contact Scott.”

Freedom and hope…these are two of the many benefits I have received since I started seeing Scott for EMDR therapy. I had developed some habits and patterns as a result of a childhood trauma that were causing me pain. A friend suggested EMDR therapy and  with an open, but sceptic mind I decided to give it a shot. Scott immediately gained my trust, and through his gentle guidance and confidence, I was able to break free from the painful memory of that trauma as well as several other painful memories and fears. I will forever be immensely grateful to Scott and EMDR for the freedom and hope I have been given.”

“Scott was amazing, he listens and creates a safe and caring environment”