Creative Arts Therapy Symposium

We are grateful for the beautiful Creative Arts Therapy Symposium yesterday at Center for Families in Bryn Mawr!

Dr Scott Giacomucci & Dr Steven Durost presented an afternoon workshop on Sociometry, Psychodrama, & Experiential Trauma Group Therapy and engaged the entire audience in the short psychodrama piece! All of the presenters yesterday creatively integrated content & process for a fun and exciting training experience for all.

We are happy to support the growth of the creative arts therapies in our community by both presenting and providing CEUs for this event. Thank you to Sean Rodgers for all his work organizing this event and to Mirmont Treatment Center & Ashley Addiction Treatment for sponsoring the event!

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  1. Dr. Margo Fallon

    I think Steve is wearing a jacket that should belong to me! If you all do teletherapy CEU stuff, please let me know! Expressive Arts is my thing and other stuff WAY past boring.
    I also still wear my Phoenix Center scarf from the last conference in NE as purple is my thing! Tell Steve I said hi from KC! Dr. Margo Fallon

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