Presented by Rachel Saccarelli, EH.M, PRS, LE, LMT, Phoenix Center Clinical Intern, (she/her/hers).

Date & Time: Wednesday, January 12, 2022, from 6 PM-7:30 PM

Zoom Workshop

Cost: Pay what you can! (suggested donation, if financially able, $20)

Shame impacts us for multiple reasons; however, the prime reason shame is so significant in our healing journies is that it glues itself to our identity. Instead of understanding guilt as “something bad happened,” we see ourselves shamefully as “I am bad.”

In this workshop, we learn how shame wraps itself into our healing journey and the intersection between shame and trauma. Lastly, we learn and practice strategies to combat shame from within ourselves and when others shame us. This workshop allows people to explore these connections and pain points in their present circumstances and teaches everyone how to combat shame in daily life. One-on-one and group work is an essential part of this workshop as this is where the necessary skills to combat internal and external shame are learned and provided.

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Rachel Saccarelli, EH.M, PRS, LE, LMT (she/her/hers) comes to us from Widener University as an MSW intern. She is specializing in trauma for her MSW and human sexuality education and therapy for her MEd. Rachel has extensive experience in pastoral ministry and counseling where she works primarily with various types of trauma, grief, and sexual functionality including work with sexual abusers. Rachel has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for nearly 10 years and brings her expertise of the body into her psychological work. More about Rachel on her bio page!