Chris Klem, MS (he/him)

Hi, I’m Chris and I am the intake coordinator here at the Phoenix Center. I am committed to helping you take the first steps towards accessing care.  I have spent my entire life striving to create safe spaces, meeting people with compassion and a drive to change how we connect to each other.  My goal is to provide you with a welcomed opportunity to share more about yourself, your goals and connect you with a therapist that closely aligns with your values and priorities. I understand compatibility is essential to developing a safe and effective therapeutic relationship and I will work with you to determine which of our therapists at Phoenix Center may be best suited for you.

I bring twenty years of professional experience working in non-profit management and in leading and coaching trauma-informed teams. Most of my work has been with direct service anti-violence and anti-oppression organizations, which has contributed towards my drive of ensuring clients feel safe, seen and heard.  I am a fierce advocate for inclusion and strive to create a space where all feel welcomed and valued for existing as their authentic self. I identify as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community and look for ways to purposely and actively change systems to be inclusive and trauma informed.

Aside from my direct service experience, I am also an educator and find joy in designing and facilitating trainings that focus on leading trauma-informed organizations and practices.  As we shift from child learners to adult learners, the way in which we learn and retain information changes, and changing how we teach is as important as the material being taught.  As someone who struggles with reading comprehension, I strive to ensure trainings use a variety of teaching modalities that focus on practice-based learning.

I find additional life fulfillment through creating meaningful experiences with my children and partner. From cooking and baking, content creation, creative arts & crafts, to coaching and volunteering with their many extra-curricular programs, I enjoy making small deposits to my life buckets every day and acknowledge that some days it’s okay to not make a deposit.

I look forward to connecting and being a part of your growth and healing journey.  Whether you’re an individual seeking support, or an organization exploring continued education/training for your staff, I am happy to connect and help you explore our many services and programs.

Contact Chris at or call 484-440-9416