New short article by Dr. Scott Giacomucci covering sociodrama, teletherapy, and coronavirus in APA’s Div 49 newsletter. Scott presents a description of an online sociodramatic dialogue between humanity and coronavirus that took place in an MSW course session at Bryn Mawr College.

In this piece, Moreno’s early ideas of using technology with therapy are presented including the proposal that the large-scale shift to teletherapy constitutes a fourth revolution in the mental health field:

“Moreno highlights the three revolutions in the field of mental health and psychiatry: (1) Pinel’s humane treatment of the mentally ill, (2) Freud’s reconceptualization of mental illness through psychology rather than neurology, and (3) the emergence of group therapy and community mental health approaches (Moreno, 1961). I believe that the large-scale shift to teletherapy, prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic, constitutes a fourth revolution in the field and will have a lasting impact on how we practice psychology and group therapy, as well as how we teach/train the next generations of group psychotherapists.”

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