Gabe Nathanson (He/Him/His) Gabe is an MSW student at Boise State University’s Graduate School of Social Work. Gabe’s trauma-informed, mindfulness-based approach to therapy is to help establish a supportive space within which the client can ease into healing. In addition to mindfulness, Gabe takes a psychodynamic approach with clients building trust and fostering personal growth. He also engages clients in parts work from an Internal Family Systems (IFS) perspective. During his time at Phoenix Center, he will be training in EMDR as well.

I believe that each of us already has the knowledge to heal ourselves given the right support to allow it to happen. With the right mindset and in a safe and supportive setting, I believe you can begin this journey of healing and transformation – and see results in your life that may have seemed previously unattainable – including stability, physical reconnection, happiness, and ease. It’s easy to get stuck, to become convinced that it’s too late to have the life you’d dreamed of, or just plain impossible. Or maybe it even seems impossible to just be happy, comfortable, fulfilled or feel ‘right’. That’s how I felt. The more I tried, the more frustrated I became. I didn’t think I even deserved these things. I desperately wanted answers, but I didn’t know where to turn, or who to turn to. I learned that there are many mirrors in the world – friends, family, therapists, partners – but the key to making lasting change is being willing and able to see your Self clearly in that mirror.

Gabe holds a BA in Sociology from Middlebury College and a BS in Industrial Design from the University of the Arts. He has years of experience working with men and is also interested in supporting veterans. Gabe has also served for several years as a facilitator supporting deep personal transformation as a member of a men’s fellowship. Gabe is a trained psychedelic facilitator with a certificate from the SoundMind Institute in Philadelphia.

Gabe’s typical fee is $85 for individual therapy (53 min); he can work on a flexible sliding scale if needed.