Led by Amy Stone (short bio below)

Date and Time: Thursday evenings 6:00-8:00pm (EST) . Currently on teletherapy

Cost: $85 fee (sliding scale available)

This action-based group is designed to be a safe place for trauma survivors to come together and support each other on the shared journey of healing and post-traumatic growth. Sessions will include a mix of talk and action utilizing strengths-based experiential group therapies such as psychodrama. We find that psychodrama and other expressive modalities allow us to express and process on levels beyond words which is particularly important when it comes to trauma and PTSD. Topics in sessions vary depending on the group’s warm-up but regularly include addressing coping skills, defenses, safety, personal strengths, emotional support, shame/guilt, grief/loss, worthiness, and internalized trauma-based roles/messages. This is a mixed gender group and is open to anyone who has experienced trauma or adversity in their life – such as sexual trauma, childhood abuse, physical assault, neglect, abandonment, traumatic loss, or other forms of trauma. This is a trauma group that will include a focus on strengths-based work and growth after trauma, nevertheless it may not be suitable for everyone. Participants are thoroughly screened by a therapist for appropriateness and required to also have adequate social support beyond the group such as an individual therapist. The group meets weekly and requires an ongoing commitment from participants in order to ensure safety and cohesion between participants.

Amy Stone, MSS, LSW, CET III, CP is an incredibly talented psychotherapist who finds deep joy and purpose in her work. Amy has been helping people recover from addiction for over 20 years. She earned her Masters is Social Services with a clinical concentration from Bryn Mawr College. She is certified as an Experiential Therapist at the highest tier. Additionally, she completed her EMDR basic training and has accrued over 700 hours of training in experiential trauma therapy, psychodrama, and the Therapeutic Spiral Model. She is accepting new clients and specializes in experiential trauma work, sexual trauma, substance abuse, and relationships. Learn more about Amy in her bio page